Fire Safety is no Accident

Knowing about fire safety can help keep you safe!

Never play with matches or lighters. If you see one of your friends playing with fire tell an adult right away.

Have your parents check your smoke detectors. Batteries need changed twice a year. Change them when you change your clocks!

Know how to call 911 in case there is an emergency. Never be afraid to call for help if you or a friend are hurt.

Kids Fire Safety Video

Watch the Fire Safety Video to learn more about Fire Safety. Watch the movie with your parents in case you have any questions. 

Safety Video

What the experts say

Listen to what these animals have to say. It can help keep you safe!

What do Firefighters Wear

Watch the video to see what Firefighters wear when there is an emergency. Never be afraid or hide from a firefighter. They are there to help you and your family if there is an emergency.